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"Banu Hashim (Quraysh)." In The Oxford Dictionary of Islam. , edited by John L. Esposito. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed May 19, 2022).

Banu Hashim (Quraysh)

Descendants of Hashim ibn Abd Manaf , common ancestor of Muhammad , Ali , and Abbas , members of the Quraysh tribe. The term is also applied to the Prophet's family. Most Hashimis supported Muhammad's mission; they were boycotted and persecuted by other Quraysh in Mecca. Abbasids used the term to rally support for revolution. Due to the close relationship to Muhammad that it implies, Hashimi descent is considered meritorious. Also known as Hashemites. Prominent members ruled Hijaz (western Arabia) until World War I. After the war, they were established as kings of Jordan, Syria, and Iraq by the European Mandate powers. Only the ruling family of Jordan remains in power today.

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