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"Sahih Muslim." In The Oxford Dictionary of Islam. , edited by John L. Esposito. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed Feb 27, 2021).

Sahih Muslim

One of six canonical collections of hadith. With Sahih al-Bukhari, considered particularly authoritative among Sunni Muslims. Compiled and codified in the ninth century by Muslim ( Ibn al-Hajjaj ). Consists of forty-two books arranged by topic, covering faith, purification, prayer, almsgiving, personal hygiene, fasting, pilgrimage, marriage and divorce, business transactions, inheritance, gifts, bequests, oaths, punishments, judicial decisions, jihad, travel, government, sacrifices, food and drink, clothing, adab, greetings, qualities of Muhammad and his Companions, destiny, dhikr, repentance, knowledge, hell, paradise, Judgment Day, piety, and tafsir. Divides hadith into three categories according to the knowledge and character of the transmitter and the degree to which the hadith is free from contradictions, falsehoods, or misrepresentations.

See also Muslim (Ibn al-Hajjaj)

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