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Learning Resources

A good starting point for research at any level, the Learning Resources area features study and teaching aids for the further exploration of Oxford Islamic Studies Online and the field of Islamic studies in general.

We will continue to expand the materials offered through Learning Resources area and invite you to send comments and suggestions to the editor.

Thematic Guides

Written by scholars in the field, these guides provide general introductions and background information on key topics in Islamic studies, including current events, movements and schools of thought, people, places and more. Each Guide includes numerous links to supporting material such as entries, maps, images, and primary source documents within Oxford Islamic Studies Online.

Teaching Islam

This page offers quick links to the contents of Teaching Islam, edited by Brannon M. Wheeler. These twelve chapters have been written to guide educators teaching topics such as Islamic law, the Qurʾan, Sufism, women in Islam, Islam in America, and the use of new information technologies in the classroom.

Internet Resources

Approved by our advisory boards and annotated by a specialist in the field, this list of suggested internet resources is organized by subject category and resource type.

Geography of the Islamic World

A thematic guide to 20 entries and 40 full-color maps from the second edition of the Atlas of the World's Religions. Taken as a whole, the articles and maps offer a narrative that illustrates the development of Islam throughout world history. The text and maps are available through search and browse, but are presented here as a cohesive unit to be used for focused study by students and scholars.

What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam

This question-and-answer guide is a valuable tool for anyone in need of quick, authoritative information about Islam. From the basics of the faith to issues facing Muslims in the United States and western Europe, Islamic studies scholar John L. Esposito answers the key questions about Islam he has been asked by students, civic organizations, government and military officials, news media, and other groups.


Specially commissioned for this site and compiled by the Oxford Islamic Studies Online editorial board, this Glossary provides short definitions of Islamic terms. Whether used as an A-Z lookup or browsed, this is a quick, user-friendly reference to the words and concepts that play a vital role in Islamic culture.

Focus On Essays

A growing collection of essays written specifically for this site, these essays by leading scholars provide insights into Islamic history and culture and offer a selected list of useful articles for further reading on Oxford Islamic Studies Online. Focus On essays can be accessed from Home or from the main Focus On page.

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans illustrate how professors can use Oxford Islamic Studies Online to bring online learning into the Islamic studies classroom, streamline their course materials to one accessible location, and connect with today's technologically savvy student. Each lesson plan highlights the resources available on OISO and provides discussion questions, supplementary reading suggestions, and a summary of the topic for lecture preparation.

Further Reading

Students at all levels can expand the scope of their research by using the suggested reading lists from three key resources within Oxford Islamic Studies Online. The recommended works in The Islamic World: Past and Present, What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam, and M.A.S. Abdel Haleem's translation of The Qur'an are organized by subject, allowing for quick access to particular areas of interest. Bibliography from The Islamic World: Past and Present "BOOKS AND ONLINE SOURCES" Bibliography from What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam SUGGESTIONS FOR FURTHER READING Bibliography for The Qur'an: a translation by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY


Several times a year, members of the OISO Editorial Board interview some of the most influential figures in the field of Islamic studies, from scholars to artists to activists. Click on the link to follow some of the latest discussions regarding the politics, culture, literature, and people of the Islamic world.

The Arab Spring

The unprecedented events of the Arab Spring have compelled scholars, politicians, pundits, and even artists to rethink long-held conceptions (and misconceptions) about the Middle East. In this series of scholarly and journalistic articles, guest contributors explore the major issues surrounding the Arab Spring, from religious discourse to political developments to cultural and artistic expressions.

Reference Works

Oxford Islamic Studies Online includes thousands of reference articles; these guides offer a complete, hyperlinked table of contents for each major work available on OISO.

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