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Spotlight: Islam, Gender, and Sexuality

Samar Habib, Editor-in-chief


Islam and Celibacy
Islamic Feminisms
Liwat in Islamic Jurisprudence
Muslim-Majority Countries and LGBT Rights at the United Nations
Queer Muslims in Diasporic Fiction
Same-Sex Marriage in Islam
Sexual Norms and Practices in the Qurʿān and the Sunnah
Sexual Rights in Muslim Societies
Sexuality and Social Change in the Arab World
Sunnī and Shia Perspectives on Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Veiling and Sexuality

Lesson Plans

Islam and LGBTQ+ Issues

Forthcoming articles include:

Child Marriages in Muslim-Majority Contexts
Female Genital Mutilation and Islam
Female Homosexuality in Islam
HIV/AIDS in Muslim-Majority Countries
Islam and Sex Education
Islamic Feminism and Sexual Diversity
Muslim Transgender and Intersex Individuals and the Islamic Theology of Gender Surgeries
Sexuality in Arab Cinema

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