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Sectarianism in the Age of Endless War

Deputy Editor Natana J. DeLong-Bas discusses the roots of sectarian divisions in the Middle East and the complex effects they continue to have on the political landscape...Read More

From the Desk Of
John L. Esposito
John L. Esposito Dear Reader:
The horrific attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have captured headlines and triggered responses from journalists, politicians, and religious leaders. Some Western heads of government have once again threatened a global war against terrorism... Read full letter
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View each chapter, or jump to any location in the Qur'an. Compare and contrast two translations of the Qur'an, line by line. Find the context for almost any word in the Qur'an.
What's New
  • Learning Resources
    Yasmeen Daifallah (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) presents a lesson plan on Islamic reformism and its place in modern Arab philosophy.  
  • Spotlight: Islam and Film 
    Our ongoing coverage of Islam and film is edited by Andrea Khalil (Queens College, CUNY) and includes entries such as Exile and Diaspora in Film, as well as highlighting the cinema of various regions. See the full list here.
  • Interviews
    OISO explores the ISIS situation, asking the question: how did the group go from being a small but extreme section of the Syrian opposition to a powerful organization in control of a large swath of Iraq and Syria? We asked Robert A. PapeShadi HamidHanin Ghaddar, and Charles Kurzman. Their answers are here.
  • What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam, Second Edition
    Here is a fast, centralized path to John Esposito's updated guide to Muslim faith, customs, and political beliefs, based on questions Esposito has been asked by a diverse range of audiences...Read more
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  • Nearly 6000 entries from esteemed Oxford works, including the recently published Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, and more.
  • Primary Source documents with editorial commentary provide historical context for important events and major figures in the history of Islam.
  • Learning Resources include thematic guides, lesson plans, bibliographies, a glossary, and other useful tools.
  • Images and Maps provide visual perspectives on global Islam and its historical development.
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