User's Guide & Site Help

1. Welcome

This User's Guide and Site Help provides the information you need to use and understand the features, content, and functions within Oxford Islamic Studies Online.

1.1. User's Guide and Site Help

You can navigate this Guide by selecting a topic among the links at the left. It can also be read from beginning to end as a general introduction to using the site.

At the top right of the site, you will always find a context-sensitive Help link pointing to this guide . Clicking Help will open the section of this document related to your current location within the site.

1.2. Other Resources

If you do not find the information you need, other useful resources include:

Our FAQs, which answer specific editorial, customer service, and technical questions.

The About Page offers a wide range of general information and details about the content and features in Oxford Islamic Studies Online .

If you still have questions about the site after consulting Help and these other pages, please contact our customer service desk.

1.3 Displaying Diacritical Marks in Internet Explorer 6

Open the Tools menu and select Internet Options/General tab.

Select the button for “Fonts...” You can retain the Latin display, but need to select change the Web page font to a Unicode font such as Ariel Unicode MS or Lucida Unicode.

Click OK, and then select “Accessibility...”

Under Formatting, check the box “Ignore font styles specified on Web pages” and click OK.

You should now be able to view diacritical marks throughout the site.

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